Prevention of Discrimination (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2022

At the moment Guernsey is debating it’s new proposed Prevention of Discrimination (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2022, with the big talk and worry about Amendment 8 in respect the disabled and carers.

It seems odd that our deputies would want to only include the rights, dignity and diversity of 27% of its work force?

To my mind that would be like saying that only the 27% of the big financial firms should have frameworks or be required to abide by the countering financial crime and terrorist financing (AML/CTF) framework.

We know as an industry that this approach doesn’t work, and by all financial firms adopting we have a first rate and internationally recognised industry that people outside of Guernsey want to be in. This helps us to protect and mitigate our industry against use by criminals and terrorist financiers while allowing us to prevent and detect them for the outside world. I remember at the time of implementation the same sentiment as is now with this new Discrimination Ordinance was voiced, that it would destroy the industry and ruin the Island, yet that never materialised!

Of the big 27% of big financial firms in our industry and many more firms, have sought to bring about change and have put in place policies for dignity diversity and inclusion at work, realising its benefits for their business, teams and the wider society, I have been so proud to work for some of them. We should be following their lead!

We need your help – Please sign the petition to support the withdrawal of Amendment 8 to the proposed anti discrimination legislation for Guernsey as it excludes disabled people and carers from accessing the same standard of life as everyone else.

You can find all the details and reasons why to support this petition when you click on the link.
We cannot leave anyone behind –

Guernsey needs first class framework inclusive of the Prevention of Discrimination to attract employees and businesses and bring that benefit to the wider society and the world.

#diversityandinclusion #WithdrawAmendment8 #diversity #respect #people #change #society #business #work

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